The Pandoran Research Foundation (PRF) is dedicated to the collection, interpretation, and dissemination of information about the moon Pandora and the Alpha Centauri system in which it is located. The PRF operates from a variety of terrestrial and Pandoran locations and is staffed by scientists who lead a wide-ranging research program focused on the inhabitants, flora, fauna and geophysics of Pandora.

The PRF was inititally formed as a collaboration between the Resources Development Administration and Earth’s leading scientific research centers to explore potential uses for newly-discovered Pandoran resources. Since that time, the PRF has grown from these informal early roots to a comprehensive resource for all available information regarding Pandora. The PRF also undertakes significant conservation and education efforts, which serve to inform and inspire the public on Earth; ongoing projects include a traveling exhibition and the development of eco-tourism on Pandora.

In order to continue to advance its scientific mission, the PRF has developed tools to allow unaffiliated experts and civilian enthusiasts to use their skills to expand and share our understanding of Pandora. We welcome you to the PRF team.