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Avatar | Witness History

Avatar | Toruk - The First Flight

Witness History

The cultural beliefs and narratives of the Na’vi people are one of Pandora’s most treasured exports.

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The Pandoran Research Foundation is devoted to disseminating these cultural touchstones, in the belief that every human can learn something important about the world from experiencing them — whether that world is Pandora or Earth. In partnership with internationally acclaimed storytellers Cirque du Soleil, the PRF has brought together some of the most talented artists, musicians, dancers and acrobats from the four corners of the Earth to interpret one of the most famous of the Omatikaya Clan legends: the tale of the first Toruk Makto ("Toruk Rider"). Using performance and visual art, and the latest technology, this remarkable group has created a sensory experience to make a classic tale come to life.

Toruk - The First Flight is an incredible interpretation of one of the most historically significant pieces of Na’vi mythology. To get you ready for this experience of a lifetime, we’ve compiled some background information.

Na’vi Clans

There are five Na’vi clans showcased throughout the tale of Toruk - The First Flight.  Each of these clans is distinct: they inhabit different regions of Pandora, and have their own practices and customs. But what separates the clans is much less important than what binds them together.

Avatar | Avatar | Na’vi Clans
Avatar | Na’vi Clans

The Tree of Souls and Na’vi Spirituality

One of the most sacred sites of the Omatikaya Na’vi clan is the Tree of Souls. It represents a direct conduit with the spiritual entity and natural phenomenon known as Eywa, and occupies a spot at the center of the Omatikaya’s most intimate rituals. Little is shared with humans about these rituals, but PRF scientists embedded with the Na’vi have made some important discoveries.

Avatar | The Tree of Souls
The Tree of Souls

Meet the Viperwolf

The Na’vi share their Pandoran home with thousands of species of native fauna. Few, however, are more respected than the viperwolf, a lethal pack predator and one of the most intelligent hunters in its forest habitat. The PRF recently conducted an intensive field study of the viperwolf that unearthed some fascinating, never-before-seen results.

Avatar | Avatar | the Viperwolf
Avatar | the Viperwolf