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Avatar | Discover Pandora

Discover Pandora

If you can’t travel to Pandora yourself — or just want to learn more about its incredible flora, fauna and geology — the best way to experience the moon’s sights and sounds is by visiting AVATAR: Discover Pandora – The Exhibition.

Want to see where the exhibit is now?


This hands-on exhibition was curated by Avatar Program scientists on Pandora and sent back to Earth, and showcases some of the best examples of the extraordinary creatures, native landscape, and inspirational cultural specimens of the Na’vi currently available on Earth. Here’s some of what’s waiting to be discovered.

Real Mountains. That Really Float.

Though the exhibit doesn’t include an actual floating mountain (for obvious reasons), it does offer viewers a fun introduction to these stunning geologic wonders. That the Hallelujah Mountains are celebrated by humans needs no explanation. But the crucial part they play in the spiritual life of the Na’vi cannot be overstated.

Avatar |  Hallelujah Mountains

The Mountain Banshee: Larger Than Life

The mountain banshee is not the biggest flying predator on Pandora (larger hunters include the banshee’s cousin, the great leonopteryx, whose wingspan can surpass 25 m). But it still dwarfs all of our airborne hunters here on Earth, and many of our land ones too. On Pandora, animals are simply bigger. Click the link below to see how your favorites size up.

Avatar | Mountian Banshee

The Na’vi Way: Finding Your Center, 4.4 Light-Years Away

The extent to which the Na’vi are guided by their connection to Eywa and respect for all living things can be hard for humans to truly grasp. More than a dogma, this is a way of life, informing everything the Na’vi do and believe, and even how they self-identify. We’ve created an easy primer to introduce you to what we’re calling the Na’vi Way, as well as helpful hints for applying Na’vi principles to your own life.

Avatar | A Na’vi harvester