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There’s only one way to really experience Pandora: in person.

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The Pandoran Research Foundation has partnered with Alpha Centauri Expeditions to give you the opportunity to do just that. To prepare you for the experience of a lifetime, we’ve compiled this short travel guide, featuring background info and helpful hints for life on the moon.

Gateway to the Unknown

In 1804, St. Louis was the last city before the great unknown of the American West, the staging area for expeditions by Lewis & Clark and the settlers who followed. In 1896 Dawson City in Canadian Yukon territory was the base camp for adventurers setting out into the wilderness in search of Klondike gold. And today, the Valley of Mo’ara is where you go to suit up before plunging into the remaining wild places of Pandora. The moon is still being explored, and just like St. Louis, Mo’ara — with its growing human population and businesses catering to the adventurous — provides the staging area. Like any good frontier town, there are plenty of unique characters. Strike up a conversation!

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Be a Good Traveler: Respect Pandora

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of seeing a new world for the first time — and by all means, enjoy every second of it. But remember: Pandora is not a normal tourist destination. On Pandoran soil, we are the aliens. And we must be good ambassadors, respecting the local ecology and the customs of the Na’vi, and preserving them for future generations. Whether you’re flying with banshees, seeing a giant Flaska Reclinata, or experiencing the wonder of mountains that really float, do it with the spirit of Eywa. And this is crucial: never, ever, wander off the path.

Travel Tips

  1. Many of the buildings in the Mo’ara Valley have been partially reclaimed by nature, and residents, seeking to live harmoniously with Eywa, keep them that way. Please do your part: don’t harvest plant life from a reclaimed building. And if you’re wondering how so many Pandoran plants are big enough to wrap around buildings, the answer is simple: gravity. Pandoran gravity is less than Earth’s, letting the plant life grow much, much bigger
  2. Many expatriates have fully adapted to native food sources. But in areas of heavy expat concentrations (like Mo’ara), there’s plenty of Earth-based food to enjoy, much of which you’ll recognize (and some of which you might not — be adventurous!)
  3. We get it: you want to bring something back from Pandora for your rock collection. But please refrain. Like the PRF, Alpha Centauri Expeditions is committed to the conservation of Pandoran native forms. All plant, animal, and geologic specimens on the moon are protected and must remain where you find them
  4. Be sure to observe all directions from park rangers and stay behind any safety railings along jungle paths. The animals (and even some of the plants) of Pandora are naturally curious, and may want to inspect the newcomers in their area. DO NOT touch anything unless expressly invited to by a guide
Avatar | Flaska Reclinata

The Expat Life

Although much of Pandora remains wild, colonial activity has progressed enough over the past few decades for a thriving expatriate community to grow there. The Mo’ara Valley region is home to most of the expats living on Pandora — mainly scientists, explorers, technicians, and artists. And as you’d expect from expat communities from Paris to Phuket, life there is a little more relaxed than you’re probably used to. Our advice: enjoy it. There’s great shopping, and excellent watering holes to stop into after a day out on the jungle trail.

Avatar | a Mo’ara Valley stream

Download Our Field Guide!

We’ve compiled a guide to the flora and fauna of the Mo’ara Valley. You can download it to prepare for your trip, and even use it to track all the things you see once you arrive.